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Mentoplasty (Chin Augmentation or Reduction)

Through the mentoplasty we achieve an increase in volume and projection of the chin by including a bio-compatible silicone prosthesis or Medpor ®.

This surgery usually complements a nose plastic surgery and we perform it thorough a small incision made within the mouth or in the skin, in the union of the chin with the neck.

Local anesthesia is enough, but we can complement it with light sedation.

It doesn’t take more than half an hour and in the postoperative the area is immobilized with tape for a few days.

If the patient doesn’t want a surgery, we can obtain good results using filling substances, which are temporary or partially definitive.

The reduction of the size and/or projection of the chin is a surgical procedure.

It requires a careful previous study to determine the procedure strategy to follow, which will be more or less complex depending on the deformation’s degree.