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We enhance size, projection and shape of the gluteal area, with the inclusion of silicone gel implants or with fat grafts from the same patient.


Gluteal Augmentation with implants (usually called “butt or buttock augmentation”), is a surgical procedure we perform through a few-centimeters-long incision at the level of the gluteal midline. We prefer the submuscular implant placement. And we select the implants according to the clinical case, since there are diverse profiles, volumes and surfaces.

The anesthesia to use is a decision we make with the patient. Even though we can provide general anesthesia, we habitually use peridural anesthesia, plus a sedative for greater comfort.

The surgery takes approximately 2 hours. We recommended 1 day of in-patient stay to immobilize the area in order to obtain a better post-operative result.

The pain or discomfort within the first post-operative 24 to 48 hours is handled with analgesics. Later on, the evolution is very well tolerated.

We use a compressive lycra bandage for 3 weeks. Patients retake their normal routine without making efforts, after one week. More time is required before initiating physical activities.

There are possibilities of complications like in all surgical procedures: hematoma (bruising), seroma (swelling), infection, alteration in the healing process, capsular contracture, etc. Medical advise should be followed to prevent them.


In patients with excess fatty tissue, when combining liposuction on waist, hips and abdomen with fat grafting at the buttocks, we obtain an excellent aesthetic result.

What we do is to reshape the corporal contour of the area. We suck fat from where there is excess, process it and we inject it at the gluteal level, thus avoiding the placement of silicone implants.

We use local anesthesia or epidural block with sedation. The incisions are a few millimeters long and it is an ambulatory procedure (out-patient). A lycra bandage should be used during 3 weeks and in a few days normal activities can be retaken without making efforts.

Hematoma (bruising), seroma (swelling), infection, etc. can occur.


Gluteoplasty: Before and After Photos