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Varicose Veins: Laser. Sclerosis. Microsurgery

Varicose Veins: Laser. Sclerosis. Microsurgery

For varicose veins we offer treatments with:

* PHLEBOSCLEROSIS with Microfoam

We evaluate the patients clinically and with complementary tests to define the most convenient treatment.

For telangiectasia (spider veins) we usually use LASER.

The LASER procedure requires several sessions with an approximate gap of 2 to 3 weeks between them.

Some areas are more complicated than others. The whiter the skin, the better the result will be.

It does not require anesthesia and the patient can return to their normal activities right after the intervention.

Sun exposure should be avoided for 3 or 4 days after the procedure and it is highly recommended not to be tanned at the moment of treatment.

PHLEBOSCLEROSIS with Microfoam is used in small and medium varicose veins. It does not require anesthesia and it is highly effective. The sclerosing substance is not mixed with blood but it moves it, having a greater effect on the vessel’s endothelium.

Bandages or compression stockings are needed right after each session.

Occasionally we perform PHLEBOSCLEROSIS with microfoam with localization and treatment control through color Eco-Doppler.

On tortuous varicose veins or those enlarged in diameter we perform micro-surgery with small incisions.