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Cellulite and flabbiness

Cellulite and flabbiness

In our Medical Center we offer an ample range of facial and body treatments, adapted to each patient and supported with a cutting-edge-technology platform.

For the treatment of Cellulite and Flabbinness, we focus our approach in the following treatments:

* Mesotherapy
* Sequential Pressotherapy
* Radiofrecuency
* Lymphatic drainage massage

Mesotherapy is based on the use of specific instruments, through which we inject intradermally or subdermally, microdoses of drugs. They stimulate collagen production, have a lipolytic effect, contribute to cellular repair and / or are vasoactive.

Usually we complement this with lymphatic drainage massage, whether manual or performed with sequential pressure therapy boots.

We add the use of other equipment (radiofrequency) to obtain even better results.