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Mechanical Dermabrasion


Mechanical dermabrasion is a procedure in which we perform a controlled polishing of the superficial layers of the skin.

We habitually use to treat scarring and other sequels of acne, accidents or surgeries.

Also, we use it as complement in a facelift, to lessen facial wrinkles or lines, specially those around the mouth.

Not all patients are good candidates for a dermabrasion.

A careful evaluation must be done of the injuries to be treated, skin type and color, patient’s expectations and limitations of the technique.

It shouldn´t be done during a period of active acne, because the risks of infections increase significantly.

The same precaution should be taken for patients with burned skins, with previous radiant treatments or chemical peels.

Normally, local anesthesia is required possibly complemented with light sedation.

It´s a relatively fast procedure (15 to 45 minutes).

It´s not infrequent to repeat it when the injuries are too deep.

After a dermabrasion the skin reddens, swells and distills a serous fluid. In the subsequent days some scabs can form that fall in few days.

We apply an ointment for its treatment and the anti-inflammatory medicine controls the discomfort of the first days.

The new skin will look pinker, brighter and will be more sensible by several weeks.

Sunrays should be avoided for several months, because changes in the skin coloration can occur.

Other cares are advised to the patients, depending on the magnitude of the procedure.