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An abdominoplasty (usually referred to as Tummy tuck) is a surgery procedure in which we remove the excess skin and fat tissue from the abdomen. The procedure is prescribed in women and men with sagging skin, excessive fat tissue in the middle and inferior areas of the abdomen and weakened abdominal wall. It is ideal after pregnancies or significant weight loss.

All patients must undergo pre-operative medical evaluations and the specific risk factors in each case are analyzed. Smoking always represents an additional risk factor, since it interferes with the normal healing of wounds.

Sagging tissue. Design.

Dettachment area where
to make the abdominal streching.

We use general anesthesia or more commonly epidural block and sedation.

We usually reinforce the abdominal muscles at the middle line, giving a good definition to the waist and we frequently use liposuction to harmonize the abdominal contour even more.

Reinforcement of abdominal

Streching of the skin and fat
tissue of the abdomen.

The surgery takes 2 to 3 hours. The resulting incision is usually suprapubic, hideable with the underwear.

According to the case, a period from few hours to 48 hs. of recovery (in-patient stay) may be required after the surgical procedure.

Surgery Finished.
The navel remains in its
original place.


Abdominoplasty: Before and After Photos