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Botulinic Toxin Type A Application – Botox® – Dysport® Treatment

Botulinic Toxin Type A Application

As a result of facial muscle contractions, with time more or less deep expression lines or wrinkles appear at the forehead, around the eyes -”crows feet”- and brow, among other places.

Botulinic toxin type A application, when done on the muscle responsible for the wrinkle or expression line, causes its temporary relaxation and gives the face a more a relaxed, rejuvenated and pleasant appearance.

Correctly used, the result is very natural.

After the treatment with Botox ® , the effects are noticeable within 48-72 hs. and they are complete in 7 to 10 days. The total duration of the effect varies around 4 to 5 months.

The procedure is performed at the doctor’s office in a few minutes. It doesn’t require anesthesia neither recovery time.

We usually combine Botox ® treatment with other facial rejuvenation techniques.